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Shenzhen yuehao professional is engaged in LED research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, is committed to providing domestic and foreign professional channel customers and end customers to provide high-quality, high-performance LED applications and solutions. The product line includes: indoor fixed series, indoor and outdoor series of small spacing fixed series three series, transparent and flexible screen, sky screen, floor tile screen, spherical screen, and advertisement originality screen and other 6 categories of special LED screen.

Shenzhen yuehao production base is located in Guanlan District of Shenzhen city sightseeing road Mattel Science Park 1 Building 5 floor, the factory covers an area of 5000 square meters, office area: 1600 square meters, 1600 square meters of clean workshop.The company has a strong product design capacity and quality assurance ability, the existing more than 20 SMT production lines, six automatic AI production line, six machine assembly and testing production line, with six professional optical equipment production line, In order to ensure the mass production and testing of the products, the base has ultrasonic cleaning machine, aging and various advanced detection, analysis and measurement instruments to meet the production requirements of mass and high quality products.

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